2016 ARKTESOL Scholars

  Jacqueline Interiano 

  Frida Mateo-Rodriguez

  Karina Sanchez Huerta

  Rogers Heritage High School

  Alan Lopez

  Springdale High School

 Mariana Soto

 Pea Ridge High School

 ARKTESOL Scholars receive a $500,  renewable award.  If you would  like to  consider nominating someone next year  please visit our Awards page for more  information.​​

Since 1980

Arkansas Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Registration and additional information is found in Professional Development.

 ARKTESOL now offers five award  opportunities for educators and  students.  For more information  and applications please see our  Awards page.

2016 ARKTESOL Conference

November 1, 2016

Holiday Inn & Convention Center, Springdale

Invited Speaker:  Linda New Levine


The Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America

Scholarship Resource Guide

for 2016-2017